We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current and custom options.
Plexus Slim + Accelerator

Plexus Slim is a product I have recently found and tested myself. I know this product gets you results and it is natural, non-addictive and healthy. Plexus Slim is an easy to take nutritional supplement that combines many nutrients and herbals that help your body needs in small but significant amounts to stop cravings and artificial "hunger" for unhealthy food or empty calories.   Call for a sample or order here: 


Xango mangosteen juice

Medical doctors and scientific researchers have recorded improvements in test groups with the following conditions :high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, stress, kidney problems, eczema, PMS and menstrual problems, arthritis, asthma, gastric ulcers, injuries, depression, senility, poor digestion, arteriosclerosis, blood vessel problems,  fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, skin problems, eye infections, drug addiction, pain, and Parkinson's disease.  Call for a sample or order here: 



Moringa is a super amazing superfood from the tropics. It is "new" to western culture so most of the research out there lists traditional uses and nutrition content. Based on the nutrition alone this is way better than a multi-vitamin supplement for my money:      125% daily value of Calcium     61% daily value of Magnesium     41% daily value of Potassium     71% daily value of Iron     272% daily value of Vitamin A     22% daily value of Vitamin C But my real interest in Moringa is for its detox values! I use it for my non-smoking clients to remove any chemical toxicity why hypnosis removes the habits. I'm also using it after my shamanic work to reduce any inflammation. I've had to write up my own testimonial on this because my experience was so surprising - it ended a BAD case of food poising. In about 2 hours time I had ZERO symptoms. I carry this in the office or you can order your own (I am not a supplier) but I've tried a lot of sources and this one is the best: 


Nikken Jade Greenzymes

It's a supercharged freeze dried barley grass formula that preserves the natural enzymes. Jade GreenZymes contain ingredients that help immune system support to prevent illness. These ingredients also aid and promote detoxifying (for circulatory and colon health) and improved complexion as well as skin elasticity to help prevent the appearance of aging and wrinkles. Jade GreenZymes ingredients allow metabolic management for weight control.  Order from: OR


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