Level #1 - Subconscious learning basics

Level #2 - SubQ Reading and Writing

              - SubQ Sports & PE

              - SubQ Math

              - SubQ History & Social Studies

              - SubQ Science

              - SubQ Management

Level #3 - Auditory Anchoring

Professional Development Workshops for Educators




  • Eliminates need for rote memorization 

  • Keeps ALL students on track for SOL success 

  • Optimizes higher order learning

  • Reduces class time spent covering material

Why it Works

The subconscious mind is constantly scanning the environment and recording EVERYTHING in mental pictures and sounds.  Whereas rote memorization is the attempt to force the conscious mind to do what the subconscious does naturally & MUCH more efficiently.  

How it works

Subconscious Learning quickly introduces new material to ALL students quickly, allowing the class to move on to Higher Order Learning Activities immediately with all students at the same learning level.  It eliminates discrepancies due to learning disabilities and learning styles and allows all students to experience success.

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