“I have been pretty much debilitated with lower back pain due to a bulging disc in my L5 and degenerative disc disease in both of my L1, & L5. It has progressively gotten worse since my original injury in the late 80′s. I had not been able to work since 2008 and have been turned down by disability twice, MCV looked at my back and said I was borderline of it being a necessity or not for surgery. I had pretty much given up on ever having a normal routine.

After the Shamanic healing Tolley did on me I was amazed at how I was feeling. It was at that very second I was a true believer. I felt like a different person. I was happier and I had a lighter feeling in what used to be a labored walk. As the week went on I was still waiting for my back to go out. It never did.

So to answer your question ” Is it true she has helped me with my pain? ” YES!!!!!!"

-David Sowell, Newport News, VA

“Thank you Tolley for a wonderful experience healing my broken heart and feeling rejuvenated to enjoy my life again.     I tried everything from reading self-help books, participating in a structured divorce care group, to prescription medicine in an effort to deal with a heartbreaking divorce while seeing my youngest off to college and left with the responsibility for the care of my aging mother.   I felt like an elephant was stepping on my heart tremendously weighing me down.   After a personal recommendation to seek your hypnotherapy, I have had amazing results. I feel wonderful and the world is bright..I smile and laugh every day and feel good about everything in my life since working with you!!   Thank you again!!”

-JoAnn B, Newport News, VA

"I kept thinking in the back of my head “as soon as we’re done, I’m going to have a cigarette” and “I wonder if she would be offended if I ask to smoke before we start.” Well fast forward to the hypnosis… I woke up smiling and happy…I was calm yet energetic.

The next session I was so excited to see Tolley.  After the session, I was thirsty again and oh so happy…I skipped around and did chores, all with a smile on my face…I wanted to help people and was able to deal with the woes of a pre-teen step daughter, an elderly grandmother, three jobs, and the world…WITHOUT cigarettes.

 I saw a movie with a smoking friend and while she smoked, I stood by and it felt like I had never started: like I had been a non-smoker for years instead of just weeks…or like I had never picked up the habit and had no curiosity about it…"

-Metchi,  Newport News, VA

"When I first lost my husband I was so disillusioned. I received an intervention through Tolley within days after his loss, and I found it so much easier to find closure. I feel that because of her intervention I was able to find peace much sooner, in relation to his death. There was so much accuracy with the communications, subjects, and even with his choices of speech and mannerisms that I felt comforted that I was able to have a final conversation with him. I was able to quickly realize and become aware of his souls continuation on to other life and therefore I was happy for him, and no longer so sad for myself"

-Debbie Simmons, Richmond

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